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for gerald ford. i suspect bob norman was a great asset to gerald ford and wrote some really good stuff. >> it is very interesting what john wood said, he heard speaking of the united states. would you tell that? >> very ethnic neighborhood of northeastern pennsylvania, one of my classmates said something to his father who -- had a difficult time speaking very broken english and the father -- go to school to learn english. but he said speak united states. >> not english, speak united states. >> we are speaking a language we created here in the united states, created by presidents and other people who use the language, speech writers or whoever and the writers themselves. doing this other book, i haven't even started writing it but copious notes. sometimes when a rider comes up with something nobody can understand, when f. scott fitzgerald -- the critics can't figure out what is a t-shirt. he made it up. it wasn't -- it was -- often writers and presidents create a word on purpose to create a stir, a moment of interest in what they're doing like norman mailer -- norman mailer created the
ford who presided over the senate observed 25 years after he left public office that unfortunately there are those for whom consensus is a dirty word. a few mistake the clash of ideas for what he called holy war. our nation has endured other eras of confrontation and including before during and after the civil war and if you haven't seen the movie lincoln by urging to do so because that depicts exactly the kind of confrontational spirit that we know existed during that time. but that wasn't the only time. during and after world war i, during the 1960s with all of the focus on civil rights and the vietnam war, partisanship at least for many of us who didn't experience those times was the worst we can read member -- remember in our lifetimes. it is why 2007 howard baker and bob dole and mitchell and i created the bipartisan center for the hoped not to end partisan debate but to embrace it with an expectation that debate can lead ultimately to consensus. earlier, this month we came within hours of taking this country over the fiscal cliff. fortunately at literally the last minute, c
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2